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“Ivan Hoffman has always gone above and beyond the call of duty as our attorney and legal representative.  Mr. Hoffman’s skills are as diverse as our legal needs and he has proven to be a valuable contributor to our overall success.  ...I am pleased to offer my recommendation of Ivan Hoffman as the finest attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”– Valerie Ervin, President, The Ray Charles Foundation

“Ivan Hoffman’s attention to detail, ability to negotiate, and tenacity produced an outstanding contract for me as a first-time author. I am grateful for his expertise.”—Suzy Allegra

“Ivan Hoffman is a specialist and a true service professional.   He is up-to-date, accurate and fast. The money you spend with Ivan will give you better understanding and substantial peace of mind - a very valuable combination!”-- Ron Kaufman, author "UP Your Service!", www.RonKaufman.com, Ron@RonKaufman.com



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