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          We are shaken and disoriented without a leader to calm us and lead us in the right direction.  This time, it is not just fear itself that we have to fear. 

          We cannot see the end.   There is no light at the end of the tunnel.  

          There are millions of Americans unemployed.  People line up all night in food lines. 

          Many of these unemployed face the prospect of the Republican-led and President Trump supported legal attack on the Affordable Care Act which is set to be decided by the Supreme Court after the election and the prospect of losing all their healthcare coverage including for pre-existing conditions.  And at a time when they may be unemployed as well.

          Schools are unable to open even as hundreds of thousands of students lack basic online access or computers to school at a distance, thus depriving those students of an education and, in many instances, of school lunches.  And the federal government response is to propose taking away federal funds to the schools if they do not open…risking our children for a political end. 

          As of this writing, there are over 170,000 American dead from the coronavirus and still there is no unified response from the federal government, which has turned the virus into a political question thus dividing the America people.  Other countries have gained control over the virus but not the United States.   Asking someone to wear a mask is fraught with the fear. 

         A number of countries have barred Americans from entering. 

         There are protests and riots in our streets including federal troops and police making arrests, not unlike the East German Stasi or the Nazi Gestapo.  Even the peaceful protests are broken up with tear gas and troops.  The use of federal troops in Washington DC to storm the peaceful protest looked reminiscent of the use of troops at the Edmund Pettus bridge.  It looks like the start of martial law being imposed on American citizens.  This is the start of autocracy.  And then dictatorship will likely follow.  We are reminded of what happened in Nazi Germany in 1933 with the passage of The Enabling Act by the subservient German legislature. 

         The Republican Party, both in the Senate, House and otherwise, has given up any pretense of obeying their Constitutional duties to act as a check and balance on the executive branch, preferring to spend their time being subservient and suppressing voting rights. 

          The President has withdrawn the United States from influence around the world including but not limited to withdrawing thousands of troops from Germany, all of which being exactly what our enemies have wanted all along. 

          Hundreds of thousands of businesses have had to close and some are likely never to open again, thus destroying the “American Dream” for individuals and families. 

         We have low or no taxes for the rich and “imaginary” tax breaks for everyone else, crumbs really.  We have what is a government for and controlled by the wealthy, not a democracy. 

         We are fed lie after lie, or in Hitler and Goebbels’s words, big lie after big lie.  We don’t know who we can trust. 

         We are stuck at home, unable and in many instances, afraid to go out.  We fear and distrust everyone as they do us. 

         Our president sows unrest and division and undermines our democracy by claiming that the election will be fraught with fraud because of mail in voting, all the while refusing to acknowledge the interference in our elections by foreign governments.  There is looming the real possibility that the President might not accede to the election results if they show that he has lost and would contest the election.   Orderly transitions have been the key element to our democracy. 

         And all this and more seemingly without compassion or empathy from anyone or to anyone.

         So the question is: 



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