NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The following testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.  All legal matters are individual and different and the results below may not be the results of your matter.

“Ivan Hoffman has always gone above and beyond the call of duty as our attorney and legal representative.  Mr. Hoffman’s skills are as diverse as our legal needs and he has proven to be a valuable contributor to our overall success.  As Chief Operations Officer of Ray Charles Enterprises I am pleased to offer my recommendation of Ivan Hoffman as the finest attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”– Valerie Ervin, Chief Operations Officer, Ray Charles Enterprises, Inc.


“As an attorney, I know the importance of finding specialized legal advice.  When the Financially Intelligent Parent needed legal help with our web site, my wife and I turned to Ivan Hoffman, who did an exceptional job in helping us.” – Jon Gallo

“Ivan’s understanding of intellectual property rights is stunning; he knows what to ask for in negotiations.  Plus, he understands how to see the current transaction in terms of how it might affect future transactions. Ivan is one of the most efficient people I’ve ever worked with.  He responds to questions almost instantaneously and drafts documents promptly.  I've never once felt that I was waiting on him to do something.” – Stephanie Denton, Denton & Company

“As a professional writer entering into a contractual co-author relationship, I have come to greatly value Ivan's comprehensive knowledge of entertainment law, along with the extremely prompt, professional manner in which he conducts his business.  Ivan has most certainly earned my respect and recommendation as a highly competent and attentive attorney.” – Teri Vestal


“I contacted Ivan Hoffman for legal advice on my first contract negotiation with a major publisher.  He promptly reviewed the proposed contract, recommended changes, and answered my questions in detail.  The understanding of legal issues that I gained from our discussions helped me to negotiate a contract that I felt comfortable with.” – Mark Balch


“Ivan is extremely knowledgeable about internet law. He has great instincts, is very professional and really knows his stuff!  He has guided us through more than one ordeal and handled it all superbly.  I will always trust Ivan to handle any legal matter pertaining to our websites.”-- Susan Huang, Price Search Central, LLC

“Ivan Hoffman’s attention to detail, ability to negotiate, and tenacity produced an outstanding contract for me as a first-time author. I am grateful for his expertise.”—Suzy Allegra

“Dear Ivan,

Thank you for your work on our publishing agreement.  Your knowledge and thoroughness was surprisingly refreshing in comparison to other services that offered “cut & paste” contracts.  The agreement your authored for us covers many legal issues that we had not even considered, and consequently, forms the basis of a solid legal foundation for our company’s future endeavors.

Your web site, www.ivanhoffman.com, really convinced me of your knowledge depth.  Your site covers many legal topics with in-depth information at no charge to the visitor.  After visiting your site and reading your articles, I was confident you had the knowledge and background to write our publishing agreement.  In addition, you answered my emails very quickly, sometimes 3 per day.  You made me feel like I had a personal lawyer waiting to answer my questions.

Thank you again!"

Michael Whelan
Steelmark LLC


“Lawyering at Internet speed -  Not only is Mr. Hoffman at the leading of the most dynamic part of the law but he is redefining the lawyer/client relationship using this same technology to provide unparalleled responsiveness and service.”--Rodney Friedman, Publisher, University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter

“Whether I'm negotiating a new book deal as an author or signing on other authors to write for me, I would never think about signing or creating a publishing contract with anyone other than Ivan.  Just like everything specializes today, Ivan’s a pro at his craft and I'm pleased with the service he provided me.”-Christopher Knight, Author/Publisher

“Ivan Hoffman is a specialist and a true service professional.   He is up-to-date, accurate and fast. The money you spend with Ivan will give you better understanding and substantial peace of mind - a very valuable combination!”-- Ron Kaufman, author "UP Your Service!", www.RonKaufman.com, Ron@RonKaufman.com

“Mr. Hoffman’s presentation to our staff development organization was instructive and pertinent to the issues we are concerned about.  His knowledge of intellectual property law, particularly as it relates to Internet publishing, is extensive.  We appreciated his willingness to respond to questions and his ability to explain complex legal issues to an audience of non-lawyers.”—Colleen H. Trujillo, Publications Director, UCLA Latin American Center, ctrujill@isop.ucla.edu

“Ivan Hoffman prepared my web design contract, and I was very impressed with his professionalism, rapport with creative types, knowledge of the Internet, and rapid completion of exactly the right
contract for me.” --Celeste D. Mookherjee <celeste@primenet.com>

“Professionalism, integrity, wisdom and extensive legal knowledge is what
Ivan Hoffman brought to our attorney-client relationship.  I was extremely
pleased and would highly recommend him to others in need of the legal
services he offers.” --Patricia C. Kindermann-Eye On Tomorrow

“We found Ivan to be professional, direct and extremely thorough.  He
opened our eyes to business contracts and design issues as they relate
specifically to the Internet.  He was worth every penny and will save us
money in the long run.”  Kregg Nance-animalpeople.com

“I was pressured to get certain legal documents completed in a very short
amount of time for my web site. I contacted Ivan, and within a day, I had a
draft of the document I required. He is very professional and thorough and I
would definitely recommend him.” Jerry Tyliczka-traderspain.com

“Ivan Hoffman stands out as one of the best presenters we’ve had at our monthly editors’ association meetings.  Hoffman is natural-born speaker who knows how to focus his remarks, make the complex clear, and hold the attention of his audience.”--Veronica Oliva, Bay Area Editors’ Forum

Ivan is extremely fast, easy to work with, and his fees are fair. But even more important, Ivan is a visionary thinker. He anticipates the legal environment of the publishing world of the future and writes it into the contracts I send out today. Through his knowledge I can protect my interests. But even better, I can expand what I do and reinvent my role as a publisher. It’s an exciting opportunity that Ivan challenges us all to step up to—and he points us in the right direction with the well-written articles he routinely publishes on his website. -- Nancy Atkins, EarthSpring Publishing, earthspringpub@home.com

"Your site is a quality, authoritative one."  -- Judith Bailey- Senior Librarian, Internet Training
 State Library of Queensland, Australia (Email: j.bailey@slq.qld.gov.au)




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