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I am pleased to be in my 43rd year of practicing law.  I bring an extensive body of skills and knowledge, honed over these years, to my work on your behalf.  Additionally, I work promptly and efficiently.   Especially today, more than ever, time is money.  I know that my client's work is important to them and, as a result, it is important to me.   And of course, all of my work comes with my reputation for high integrity that I have developed over my practice.  I provide proactive, forward-looking legal advice to my clients.

Keep in mind that in the business of intellectual property rights, which is the business you are in no matter what your product or service, quality legal services are the absolute foundation of your business.  Without thorough legal protection in this complex legal environment, the amounts you spend on the other areas of your business may be put at substantial risk.

I practice preventative law and try to advise my clients in this regard so that they may possibly be able to avoid the usually very significant costs and fees of remedial law.  Preventative law is about doing proactive, effective and thorough legal work in a manner that seeks to avoid problems that can arise later on.  Preventative law is when rights are well-documented, agreements are well-drafted and when a longer term view is used.  Remedial law is what takes place when such rights are not well-documented or such agreements are not well-drafted or when parties have failed to see with vision and is about seeking to fix a transaction after legal disputes or other problems have arisen.  Often this takes the form of very expensive and time consuming litigation or other such formal proceedings.  Often as well it occurs when a sale or other transaction is about to take place and the party discovers that it does not have the rights it thought it had.

In my experience, preventative law is almost always cheaper than remedial law.  Help me is almost always cheaper than fix me.   If you see things as an entrepreneur, then you will understand this approach.

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Among the wide variety of transactions I have handled in my career (now in its 43rd year) are the following:




· Affiliate Program Agreements
· Designation of Agent Forms for DMCA
· Privacy Policies including COPPA compliance
· Terms of Use
· Web Design Agreements
· Web Designer/Independent Contractor Agreements
· Web Hosting and Maintenance Agreements
· Licenses for Use of Protected Materials
· Web Site Copyrighting
· Content Licensing
· Electronic Publishing Agreements including acquisition and licensing agreements
· Software and Shareware licenses
· Domain Name Disputes
· Domain Name Transfer/Lease Agreements
· Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
· On Line Dating Subscription Agreement and Privacy Policy
· On Line Financial Web Site Membership Agreement and Disclaimer
· Electronic Retailing Agreements
· Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
· Mobile Phone Game Agreements


· Author-Publisher Agreements including computer book publishing agreements
· Publisher Distributor Agreements
· Foreign Publishing Agreements including single and multiple territory agreements, translation and reprint agreements
· Cover Artist/Illustrator Agreements
· Editor Agreements
· Subsidy Publishing Agreements
· Copublishing Agreements
· Agency Agreements
· Ghostwriter Agreements
· Motion Picture/Television Rights Agreements
· Copyright Assignments and Copyright forms
· Collaboration Agreements
· Model Releases and Permission Licenses
· Interview Releases
· Rights Reversion Agreements
· Purchase/Sale of Publishing Company
· Analysis of Old Copyright and Contract Issues Including Out of Print Issues
· Termination of Transfer Issues


· Applications, search reviews
· Post application filings
· Domain Name Disputes
· Domain Name Transfer/Lease Agreements


· Songwriter Agreements
· Recording Agreements
· Foreign Publishing Agreements
· Copublishing Agreements
· Master Lease Agreements
· Film and Television Scoring Agreements
· Agency and Management Agreements
· Television and Motion Picture Synchronization Licensing Agreements
· Copyright Issues Regarding Old Musical Composition Renewals
· Film and Television Agreements and Negotiations
· Trademark Issues
· Domain Name Issues
· Divorce and Copyright Issues
· Deceased Celebrities and Copyright Issues






· Product Endorsement Agreements and Negotiations
· Name And Likeness Uses
· Sports Agent Licenses


· Articles of Incorporation, Minutes, By Laws etc.
· Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements etc.
· Non-Profit Organization Formation


Some of the articles I have written have been translated into other languages.
· "How Termination of Transfer Rights Under The Copyright Law May Affect Estate Planning" (California State Bar Trusts and Estates Planning Quarterly Volume 19, Issue 1, 2013)"
· How Marital Settlement Agreements are Affected by the Copyright Law" (State Bar of California, Family Law Newsletter, Issue 2, 2013)
· Three Part Article on Terminations of Transfers including probate and divorce and community property issues.  Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal.
· State Bar of Georgia, Family Law Review, Spring, 2013 "Terminating Marital Settlement Agreements Under The Copyright Law."
· St. Louis Publishers Association
· California Copyright Conference Newsletter
· Jurist Hotline: Legal Magazine of The University of Pittsburgh Law School
· EC Council Course on “Cyber Law”
· Business, Management, and Legal Programs Forum of UCLA Extension
· UCLA Extension (MCLE Self Assessment Articles)
· DevWebPro Newsletter
· Mill Creek Partners
· El Sitio Maestro.com
· Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
· ADSlogans Unlimited
· Illinois Woman's Press Association
· Women's National Book Association/Los Angeles Chapter and National
· The DevWeb Web Magazine
· JurisNotes.com
· Site Point Network (multiple articles)
· BarBrief Newsletter of the Beverly Hills Bar Association
· Opportunity Update Online Magazine
· Virtual University Business Digest
· Distance-Educator.com
· The Daily Profitstream
· Freelancehelp.com
· Independent Publisher Online
· Direct Marketing Association Interactive
· Rightsworld.com
· Gigalaw.com (multiple articles)
· Author'sDigest.com
· Brazos Writers
· St. Louis Publishers Association
· The Rock, A Weekly Electronic Magazine for Writers
· International Association of Computer Professionals web site
· The Web Site of the Government of Hong Kong
· Microtimes Magazine
· The Intellectual Property Newsletter of the State Bar of Georgia
· Publishers Marketing Association (multiple articles)
· Romance Writers of America, Austin Chapter
· Writers Edge On Line Magazine
· Mesh Magazine
· BookZone
· Studio B On Line
· SPAN (Small Publishers and Authors Network)
· Honolulu Writers Conference
· International Interactive Communications Society Oregon Chapter
· Keystrokes On Line Magazine

 · Publishing and Writing Law--Bridgeport Continuing Education (September, 2015)

· Publishing and Writing Law--Attorney Credits Continuing Education (February, 2015)

· How Marital Settlement Agreements are Affected by the Copyright Law (California State Bar/Family Law Section (2012)

· Q&A on talk2songwriters@yahoogroups.com
· Independent Writers of Southern California (2005, 2006)
· Entrepreneurship and the Internet-UCLA Extension
· Copyright In the 21st Century: Lecture as Part of Seminar of Prof. David Nimmer-UCLA Law School
· Publishing and Writing Law-UCLA Extension
· Principles of Intellectual Property Law-UCLA Extension
· Judge, Intercollegiate Competition on Ethics and Business Center for Ethics and Business, Loyola Marymount University
· California Writers Club-May, 2002
· Sacramento Publishers Association-April 28, 2001
· Keynote Speaker-Temple University Virtual Conference on Intellectual Property and Digital Information in
          Higher Education-April 18, 2001
·  HorizonLive.com Online Lecture on Legal Issues in Distance Education-January, 2001, May, 2003

LAW SCHOOL:  UCLA, 1965-1968.  Moot Court Honors Program


PRACTICE:  1969-present (now in my 43rd year not including 5 years off from 1990-1995): Entertainment Law, Internet Law and Intellectual Property Law (music, records, films, television, Internet Law, authors, publishers, web site designers, site owners etc.)



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